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Name:Rose Weasley
Birthdate:Feb 19
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Rose Jean Weasley.

Parents: Ron and Hermione Weasley
Age: hpsixwords: 11 years old; grownhp6words: 21 years old
Wand: 9 inches rosewood, phoenix feather core
House: Ravenclaw

Bookish and clever, Rose spends a lot of her time studying and prides herself in her achievements - but only rarely follows her mother's tendency to be a know-it-all (or so she thinks). Growing up among the many Weasleys, she can appreciate good fun (ha!) although she rarely pokes fun at people or joins in pranks.

She's inherited her mother's 'love' for flying too, so one can't be sure if she's got her father's gift for Quidditch or not...

Overall she is curious, somewhat quiet, but rather affectionate.

She was for a bit tempted to go into dentistry; then ended up digging deeper into, of all things, history of magic. After Hogwarts, she starts working for the Ministry of Magic - at the Department of Mysteries, attempting to cross-reference historical events and their consequences with some of the items stored there, as well as research into the items collected into that department.

And, why yes, she did have a crush on Scorpius Malfoy. More than that, probably. But... the cookie's crumbled in another way, this far.

Rose is a character created by J. K. Rowling. I'm using the creation for role playing purposes and maybe writing a little. No profit is made; no offense, misrepresentation, infringement, libel, etc. intended.

Child PB is Victoire Thivisol from here on GreatestJournal.
Grown PB is Jenny Lewis, icons from

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